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Sofia Vergara was born Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara in Colombia on July 10, 1972. Currently, she is a hit in the American entertainment industry where she juggles as an actress, television host, model, producer, comedian. In her personal life, she has a 22 year old son with her high school sweetheart whom she married at the age of 18 even though the marriage lasted only for three years. In 2014, she started dating Joe Manganiello and they were married in Palm Beach Florida on November 21, 2015.

Sofia Vergara rise to fame is quite exciting. Known for her flaunt body, a flowing cleavage, sexual allure and Spanish accent, she never had the slightest intentions of becoming a star. Sofia Vergara was born of catholic descent and her religious views discouraged modeling and show business . However, after she was accidentally discovered by a photographer walking on the beach after he saw her exquisite body, Sofia Vergara dropped out of school to become the queen of runways and television two semesters before graduation. At the age of 17, she had her first break in a Pepsi commercial that was a great hit in Latin America and shaped the rest of her career propelling her to her current roles in American film industry.

By the time she was 20, Sofia Vergara was a star in the Colombian runways. Her beautiful body and style opened up numerous opportunities and she moved from modelling to telecasting. Working for the travel series 'Out of the Ordinary’ broadcasted by the Univision television network gave her the exposure she needed and led her to Hollywood. At the start, she was cast as a guest star in the HBO series Entourage at the beginning of season four and landed modeling roles for the swimsuit and posters calendars. Sofia Vergara took the American industry by surprises with her Latino accent enabling her land many roles in race mixed films. She rose to fame immediately landing major deals in hits such as the 'Tyler Perry Meet the Browns' and 'The Three Stogies'. Currently, she stars in the ABC Sitcom 'Modern Family' in which she has received numerous accolades for her outstanding work.

Sofia Vergara greatest assets as an actress are her body and Spanish accent. She is the greatest representation of a typical Latino woman with their lovely bodies, huge boobs, ideal height and a Spanish accent that leaves the viewers wishing for more. Standing at 5’7 and fully curved, Sofia Vergara is a beautiful woman adored across the globe. A world class model, she has the body of an angel and is not afraid to show it. With her trade mark bikini photos on high heels and wet tops to bring out her sexual allure. She has long legs, knows how to catwalk and a camera face that never disappoints. Sofia Vergara has quite an effect when it comes to using her sexuality to entice. Sofia Vergara combines her Spanish accent with her lovely body and humorous wit that gives the viewers a complex character representing a modern era America where everyone has a chance at success.

Sofia Vergara Shape Magazine November 2014 Issue

Actress Sofia Vergara covers the November 2014 issue of shape magazine in a black top and bikini bottoms. Modern Family star Sofia Vergara loves cake so much, she's thinking about seeing a hypnotherapist! She looked super sexy on the covers of Shape Magazine's November issue. The November, 2014 issue of Shape Magazine is currently on newsstands, and it's not hard to see why Sofia Vergara made the front cover. She is one of the entertainment industry's most gorgeous women as ...

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Sofia Vergara Looking Hot With Blonde Hair

Doesn't Sofia look hot with blonde hair? The woman is lucky that she has the skin tone to pull of blonde and dark hair because not every latina woman can do the same and get away with it. She's got those gorgeous light eyes to pair with it as well, and her radiant smile dazzles in every photoshoot she appears in. She is one of the most sought-after beauties these days. In other Sofia Vergara news, she is opening up about her first threesome scene according to news tabloids. We can...

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Vergara Takes Her Thong Game To Another Level

Sofia Vergara knows how to take her thong game to another level - just look at that red thong riding her ass! Mmmm, it's a delight and a pleasure to see her get a little more naked in front of the camera. Her wonder curves are truly out of this world, and believe it or not, they are 100 percent authentic! She is a latina dream come true for every man that loves latin women.  As you can tell, she's actually very busty as well and that look she has on her face is telling us ...

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Sofia Vergara In Tiny Golden Bikini

Born in Colombia, Sofia Vergara was destined for fame the moment she hit puberty and developed large boobs. Sofia's curves are famous all over the world now since she became the Latina mom on Modern family. This babe, as you can see above, has a nice rack and she looks absolutely stunning in her golden bikini. We are not sure when this picture was taken, but felt like it should be shown to the world again because it helps our imagination going when thinking about pounding Ms. Vergara. D...

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Sofia Vergara Shows Off Boobs In Green Dress

The Modern Family star Sofia Vergara shows off her famous big titties in a green dress at one of her many Hollywood events that she is always invited to. This big-boobed honey knows what gets the cameras clicking and the media exposure she desires. She also colored her hair dark again, and we think she looks absolutely darling as a brunette.

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Sofia Vergara Nude on the Beach

This is either the 80s or 90s, but Sofia is looking very young and very shapely in this nude photo series.  Look at the shape of that ass!  Her boobs are just incredible, we're not sure what lucky boyfriend was on the beach with her in this photo.  Her boobs too... damn!

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